Who’s The Boss?

Who’s The Boss?

Bossing ourselves is a ticket to slavery

It’s rebellion through and through,

For a Christian to really be true to themselves

Christ tells us what we must do,

We may have to learn

To walk all over again,

As He renews our minds

And becomes our closest friend,

As we starve out all the tendencies

That were once so self-destructive,

He teaches us new habits

That make our spiritual lives productive,

He is the only true Deliverer

He has the right to rule,

He sets a high price for rebellion

Don’t choose it and be a fool,

He pours out safety and blessings

For those who walk in His ways,

Don’t let Satan deceive you

Or you’ll find yourself lost in a maze,

Believe God’s truth and refuse all lies

He never tells us anything to defeat us,

He’s equipping us to be overcomers

By placing in Him our faith and trust,

Quit fighting and hiding

Trying to do it your way,

Expose your heart to freedom

Let the Potter mold the clay.

~ By Pamela Sayers

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