Family Resemblance

Family Resemblance


It’s not the nose, it’s not the lips, it’s not even the eyes,

But there’s something so familiar, there is no disguise,

Ah yes, I know what it is now, the resemblance is remarkably true,

Every day I’m seeing more and more of your Father in you,


There was a time it was hard to tell that you belonged to Him,

There was a battle and you got a few scars trying to find your way home again,

Your face was dirty, you were battered and bruised, and it was hard to see,

But He lovingly tended to your wounds so you could be set free,


In your youth you took your Father for granted, assuming you knew Him well,

But when the storms of life overtook you the enemies lies made it hard to tell,

The strength that comes from truth alone could not be found in fear,

And deeper and deeper you sunk into the mire each and every year,


But then along your journey, you saw a glimpse of your Father’s hand,

You saw it was outstretched to you as He called you to take a stand,

You knew you would have to get to know your Father in a brand new way,

If you were going to be able to trust Him you needed to hear Him say,


He never withheld His love from you and His forgiveness was free,

He told you who you were to Him and how He gave His Son on the tree,

Days turned to months and months into years as you spent more and more time,

Walking in His presence and learning His ways and He gave you a song and a rhyme,


Your Father is overjoyed with the relationship you have now,

And every time you come before Him and you humbly bow,

A little more of His glory and splendor is poured into your soul,

And the world knows who you belong to as His likeness is your goal.


~ by Pamela Sayers

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