God’s Love Letter

God’s Love Letter


How do I love thee?

Let me count the ways,

Every star that twinkles

The warmth of the sun’s rays,


Every ocean wave

Every grain of sand,

Every creature on this earth

That I formed with my hand,


The mountain peaks

Majestic in beauty,

The rainbow’s promise

My covenant to thee,


Not just any baby,

He was my only son,

My gift to the world

Even if you were the only one,


He was perfect in every way

Yet rejected and scorned,

Still he went willingly

Bearing his cross and thorns,


He died in your place

He paid for your sins,

He took them to hell

Then he rose again,


He returned to heaven

To prepare a place,

For those who fought the good fight

And finished the race,


His love is unconditional

So many gifts he has in store,

For those who will receive him

His love is forevermore.

~ by Pamela Sayers

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