God’s Nest

God’s Nest


Small babies so precious, we breathe in their smell,

Ours to protect and cherish, bedtime stories to tell,

The bond between parent and baby so strong,

We cannot imagine the day they’re grown up and gone,


I’m told that it’s natural for some conflict to arise,

As they are no longer children and they seek after their own lives,

For how could we step back and ever let them go,

If our bond from infancy didn’t change as they grow,


We are God’s children and His bond for us,

Is like that of an infant He lovingly soothes as we fuss,

We raise our children to grow up and leave home,

But He never has to let us go, we will never have to roam,


God’s childrearing is opposite from ours,

Continually raining love on us like soft showers,

He’s not pushing His precious children out of His nest,

He’s continually rearing us to come home and find rest.


Life is always changing, nothing every stays the same,

But we can count on our Father to always call our name,

His ways are unfathomable and His thoughts are infinitely high,

He is the author of unfailing love and I will bask in His unending supply.


~ by Pamela Sayers

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