Happy Moments

Happy Moments

 Happily ever after

How all good stories end,

Is it just a fairy tale

Or is there truth to lend?


Happiness should not be a goal

Or disappointment will move in,

It’s a momentary gift from God to enjoy

And recall when you take it on the chin,


We get to glimpse His glory

When our two wills merge as one,

Christ wants us to share in His happiness

He’s the originator of pure fun,


He does not frown upon our dreams

He simply desires to surpass them,

If we will walk the path He chose for us

He will turn our life into a beautiful gem,


Our journey will not be pain free

But it comes with a guarantee,

Let Jesus satisfy every need

His truth will set us free,


Enjoy life’s happy moments

They’re a foretaste of what’s to come,

If you’re happy and you know it

Tell Him with praises to be sung.

~ by Pamela Sayers

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