High Fashion

High Fashion


My wardrobe consists of the best designer label

It is worth more than riches untold,

My designer is the universe creator

The statement he makes is bold,


He completely cleaned out my closet

He threw out the whole ugly mess,

Then he filled it with robes of righteousness

I have all the tools to be the best dressed,


The very first garment to slip on

Must be worn each and every day,

It’s basic and goes with everything

It is LOVE, and it guides my way,


I love my wash and wear COMPASSION

It never wrinkles or shrinks,

I accessorize it with KINDNESS

As it glows in shades of pinks,


Another favorite ensemble

Is my GENTLE and PATIENT suit,

It looks great when paired with HUMILITY

I find myself sharing much fruit,


Last but not least is FORGIVENESS

Some prefer not to put this piece on,

But I’ve found it to be truly effective

If it’s wrapped around and drawn


Does your closet need a makeover?

Are you wearing your custom-made best?

Quit running around in your old rags

And find yourself truly blessed.

~ by Pamela Sayers


Based on Colossians 3:12-14

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