The Link

The Link


We don’t get to choose our family

And most come with some baggage and pain,

But Jesus provided an answer

So in our chains we don’t have to remain,


We don’t have to cooperate with the enemy

Our liberty in Christ gives us a choice,

Will we continue down the path of our fathers?

Or will we listen to our Heavenly Fathers voice?


He says we’re free to change the tide

To shine His light for our children to see,

To live each day authentically

To change the course generationally,


The choices that we make today

Will affect our future generations,

The fervent prayers we offer up

Will form into strong foundations,


God promises to build blessings

Into lives who love Him and obey,

With this kind of guarantee

Why live any other way?


Be the link that breaks the chains

Of bondage in your family tree,

What’s a little sweat and tears?

When His bloods been shed to set us free.


~ by Pamela Sayers

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