Truth Serum

Truth Serum


When we are feeling anxious, unnerved or insecure,

We need an IV drip of truth serum in order to ensure,

The walls of our minds are always covered with our thoughts,

If they are not the truth of God then lies become defaults,


When we are willing to be free from the graffiti in our minds,

We will fully cooperate with God as His Word reminds,

There is no truth in Satan, he is the father of lies,

But by practicing the mind of Christ He will open our eyes,


The more of God’s truth serum we inject into our lives,

The clearer our minds will become and we will shout outcries,

We will no longer sit idly by defeated again and again,

We will fight for our freedom with the strength in our truth serum,


We can make our thoughts bow to the truth by the choices we make,

A lifestyle filled with believing, speaking and applying the truth for our sake,

Starve the flesh and feed the Spirit by knowing the truth in God’s Word,

Christ wants nothing more than to free us, in His truth we are secured.


~ by Pamela Sayers

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